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The permanent exhibition of the works performed and donated by Třebíč native František Mertl, using the pseudonym FRANTA, is a cross-section of lifelong author's work. FRANTA is one of the most important Czech artists who have gained an exceptional position on the international scene.

Painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and especially exceptional man František Mertl was born in Třebíč. Painting attracted him so much that he enrolled at the College of Applied Arts in Brno and continued his studies at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Professor Miloslav Holý.

His life fundamentally changed his study stay at the Perugia Academy in 1956, where he got to know Italian Renaissance art, the free world, and where he met a student of Italian and art history, Jacqueline, his future wife. In 1958 Franta left for Jacqueline to Nice in France and then settled in southern France.

In his paintings and sculptures, he reacts to the worrying events in the world and the tensions that are present in today's society, protests against blind violence, human cruelty, destruction and alienation from harmony and tranquility, which in turn he seeks to find and show.

The works, located in the FRANTA Exposition in the courtyard of the National House on Charles Square in Třebíč, are a symbolic return of the author to his hometown. The exposition of Franta's works is intended for both present and future generations of inhabitants and visitors of the town of Třebíč.

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Galerie FRANTA

Karlovo náměstí 58/47, 674 01 Třebíč
tel.: +420 568 610 021

Opening hours

May, June, September

Monday - Saturday        9:00-12:00 a 12:30-17:00
Sunday                              9:00-13:00

July, August

Monday - Sunday          9:00-12:00 a 12:30-17:00

October - April

Monday - Friday            9:00-12:00 a 12:30-17:00
Saturday                          9:00-13:00


Full Price              35 CZK
Reduced Price     25 CZK


The exhibition also includes the screening of the film "FRANTA’S RETURN TO VYSOČINA", which was supported by the Vysočina Region.

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