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Nature in the Town

There is no lack of contact with nature in a town rich in culture and major UNESCO sites. Directly in Třebíč, greenery is represented in the form of town parks, gardens and forest parks. On your walks you will also find a number of memorable and interesting trees.

The town parks are spread evenly in Třebíč, and wherever you go from the centre, you can draw power from nature in almost every part of the town.

When you walk eastwards from the centre, you will reach Mácha gardens, which is connected to Radostín and Lísčí gardens. This strip of urban greenery stretches below the hospital to the eastern edge of the town, where it connects with the Lorenz gardens, which occupy the entire south-eastern edge of Třebíč.

To the south, above the town centre, from the old municipal cemetery the Tyrš Gardens extend, which in the south-west part are connected with the Libuše valley, reaching to the outskirts of the town.

If you go to the Třebíč Castle, you can also walk through the castle park, the herb garden or perhaps the castle moat with the ice house. On the opposite side of the Jihlava River, the Polanka and Krajíčkova stráň parks, and along the river, you can reach the local cottage area of Poušov.

Just to the north of the town centre, right by the Jihlava River, you can walk through the Hassek garden, from where you can reach the Jewish Quarter. On the right side of the winding road towards the Jewish cemetery there is the Hrádek forest park, behind which the Masaryk gardens are situated. Below the Jewish cemetery there is the Týn valley with a cascade of ponds stretching back to the town centre. At the northern edge of the town you can find the Hájek park, to the west of it there is the Jubilee grove.

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