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Spring Snowflake

Thousands of people look for a snow-white attraction every three weeks every year. This is due to the ten thousands of blooming white snowflakes. In several places, the flowers form a continuous green-white carpet. And where can you find them? Go to the Jechovec Nature Reserve or the Blatná Hráz Nature Reserve.

Charge with spring energy and joy from the awakening nature. This is the main aim of the hikers heading for nature reserves, decorated with white spring snowflake flowers.

Nature Reserve Jelechovec

You can find this nature reserve in the Telč region, specifically in the Markvartice Upland. In spring, in the undergrowth of waterlogged forests, consisting of the common alder, the gray alder and the Norway spruce, the carpets of the spring snowflake are found. Next to it, there is the lesser celandine, the true oxlip, the wood stitchwort and the unspotted lungwort. In summer, common nettle dominates. Waterlogged depressions are the ideal habitat for a number of amphibian species, including the common toad, the common frog and the alpine newt. Between the trees there is the Eurasian wren, the mistle thrush, the European robin and the Eurasian blackcap.

Natural Reserve Blatná hráz

This reserve is located near the village of Želetava in the Třebíč Region. In the spring, the alder trees lining the shores of the meandering stream and the monoculture of Norway spruce will be covered by the spring snowflake, wood anemone, Chaerophyllum hirsutum, true oxlip and valerian. During the summer, ferns dominate with the large bitter-cress and creeping buttercup. Waterlogged places are inhabited by the sedge, alternate-leaved golden-saxifrage, alternate-leaf wetland and white butterbur.



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Nature Reserve Jechovec

49°10'38.647"N, 15°34'32.599"E

Nature Reserve Blatná hráz
49°9'17.691"N, 15°42'57.974"E