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The Třebíč Region Natural Park

The typical landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands can be found just a few kilometres north of Třebíč in the Třebíč Region Natural Park. The protected area is formed by boulder islands with forests and shrubs, ponds, hedges and individual trees in a slightly undulating hills. Part of the Třebíč Region Natural Park overlaps with the ecological micro-region of Horácko, which is considered one of the ecologically cleanest in the country.

Many hiking trails and circuits cross the park, the most popular of which is Trnava, Rudík, Náramčí and Přeckov. The trails will lead you to Ptáčovský kopeček, Kobylinec, to Syenite rocks and to memorable trees and beautiful small ponds. Several localities with endangered species are preserved here, flowering Pulsatila grandis or Helichrysum arenarium are among the most attractive in the spring. Also remarkable is the fauna of the true bugs, short-horned or long-horned grasshoppers, the giant sandworm, butterflies Arethusana arethusa and Zygaena carniolica, or smooth snake. Many water birds live close to the water, in the surroundings of the rivers and pond of Velký bor you can see ingeniously dams built and trees gnawed by the European beaver.

A number of field roads invite you to take a bike ride or stroll through the countryside.

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The Třebíč Region Natural Park
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