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Třebíč Astronomical Observatory

Watching Jupiter on the southern horizon, the starry sky, or the Moon that is going through the full phase, all this is what the Třebíč observatory offers. You can look into space through a telescope in the presence of an experienced astronomer who will give you expert information about the phenomena occurring in the sky.

The observatory has become a place where people watch the night sky. In addition, there are various thematic programmes and astronomical circles for children and adults. Public opening days are every Friday, no matter the weather, and on Saturdays only in good weather, because the sky can only be seen if it is not cloudy. Mostly the visitors are taken outdoors and if the conditions of observation do not allow, talks about astronomy are going on in the observatory hall. When the clouds break during the talking, we go out to the telescope. On Fridays there are always programmes. On Saturdays only in good weather, so at least half of the sky must be clear. However, you can really enjoy the night sky only when it is clear and the Moon is new.

On the ground of the Třebíč observatory you can also find the astronomical clock built by the (informal) youth group. The clock faces show time in Třebíč and in four world capitals (Tokyo, Moscow, London, New York), the current Moon phase, the date, sunrise and sunset times. The largest clock face is an astronomical Zodiac that shows the apparent position of the Sun in constellations.

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Hvězdárna Třebíč

Švabinského 1310/5, 674 01 Třebíč

GPS: 49°12'25.711"N, 15°52'33.114"E

tel.: +420 724 188 158
e-mail: hvezdarna@ddmtrebic.cz
web: www.ddmtrebic.cz/hvezdarna

Opening hours

Opening times vary during the year, depending on the sunset.


Upon agreement, it is possible to arrange a lecture for kindergartens, schools and individual groups.