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Laguna Water Park

Toboggans, whirlpools, counterflows, water spouts, bubble baths, relaxation, wellness in the sauna environment causing a pleasant and chilled-out atmosphere, all of this and even more is offered by the Laguna water park.

The water park is dominated by the water slide, which is 132 meters long and is partially located outside the building. The entrance tower of the water slide provides a beautiful view of the town of Třebíč.

Visitors to the complex can change a fitness swim with relaxation in saunas, steam baths, showers in a tropical rain corner, or fun in the wild river, whirlpools and many other attractions. The entertainment zone also includes a year-round outdoor swimming pool with salt water, which in the summer months also offers access for sunbathing visitors on the grassy area around the water park.

You do not have to go far for refreshments. Hot and cold dishes are provided in Aqua Bistro.

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Aquapark Laguna

Mládežnická 1096, 674 01 Třebíč
tel.: +420 568 826 250
mobil: +420 605 302 075
e-mail: info@lagunatrebic.cz
web: www.lagunatrebic.cz

Opening hours

January - December

Monday - Friday   13:00-21:00
Saturday                 14:00-21:00
Sunday                    11:00-21:00


Adults                                              130 CZK

Seniors over 62, Disability ID

card holders (ZTP, ZTP/P)         100 CZK

Children up to 140 cm, students

up to 26 y.o.                                     90 CZK

Children up to 100 cm                        free
Family 2 + 1-3 kids                       350 CZK