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Rope Centre Pavouk

Come and overcome yourself and experience the right adrenaline. On the bank of the Jihlava River, try an eight meter high climbing wall with handles, pulley or bow shooting.

On the meadow behind the Polanka swimming pool in Třebíč by the Jihlava River you will find an outdoor centre consisting of a system of paths and obstacles made of ropes and beams suspended on wooden poles at a height of 6 - 8 m. There are low and high rope obstacles, a climbing wall, bow shooting, the possibility of canoeing and all of this provided with appropriate equipment for safe fun in a pleasant atmosphere with friendly instructors.

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Rope Centre Pavouk

GPS: 49°12'46.175"N, 15°51'46.061"E
tel.: +420 774 439 004

Opening hours

April - November

Open after prior arrangement by phone.


Full Price              160 CZK
Reduced Price     120 CZK


The price is for two hours. Events for schools and businesses are under agreement.