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For kids

Alternátor - Ecotechnical Centre Třebíč

The only science centre in the Vysočina Region is a fun and exciting way of learning and education. In the interactive learning centre, you will try experiments with different natural phenomena.

Joureys Through Time

Visiting the sights in Třebíč is not boring even for the smallest family members. The Třebíč Castle, in the part of Castle Front, houses an interactive exhibition entitled Journeys Through Time, which is intended precisely for what is forbidden elsewhere in exhibitions.

In the Footprints of Abbots and Rabbis

The three most valuable monuments are linked by the educational trail “In the Footprints of Abbots and Rabbis”, revealing something of the life of both religious communities that lived in Třebíč in the immediate neighbourhood for centuries.


The Labyrinth family and amusement park is housed in a renovated castle granary, in a quiet location above the castle. The cosy interior with original wooden columns and beams is complemented by the amusement park attractions.

Brain Playing Room

The brain teasing room in Leopolda Pokorného Street in the Jewish Quarter offers smart fun and brain teasing in one.

Children's Amusement Park at Střítež

The entertainment and sports centre is mainly aimed at visitors with children. Here you will find a complex range of attractions for adults and children with varying degrees of difficulty. There are many possibilities to spend your free time, gain strength and energy.

Outdoor Resort Březová

Experience resort for families, companies, summer camps and schools, which is the largest adrenaline centre in Vysočina, is located 10 km from Třebíč, in a picturesque environment near the forest, pond and meadows. It spans 13 hectares and thanks to this vast space it offers maximum enjoyment in a modern and stylish setting, tailored to the given target groups, which is annually utilized by thousands of visitors from the four-year-old to the elderly.