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Brain Playing Room

The brain teasing room in Leopolda Pokorného Street in the Jewish Quarter offers smart fun and brain teasing in one.

In the brain teasing room, people can train their memory, concentration, spatial imagination, verbal thinking and logic. Puzzles, card games, sound pairs, mindball, mindflex, and fun with the brain ears will help you to train. The visit is suitable for all ages, tourists, families with children, friends, school and business companies.

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Eva Fruhwirtová

Leopolda Pokorného 24/25, 674 01 Třebíč
tel.: +420 737 103 866
e-mail: fruhwirtova@efcomm.cz
web: www.mindball.eu

Opening hours

January - December

Monday         12:00-16:00
Thuesday        8:00-16:00
Wendesday    8:00-16:00
Thursday         8:00-16:00
Friday               8:00-12:00


Call us, write, make an order.


45 minutes   590 CZK
60 minutes   690 CZK
90 minutes   890 CZK


The maximum number of people per ticket is 6. At weekends and on festive days there is a surcharge of 100 CZK to the total price of the ticket.

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