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Castle Complex

The castle complex in the place of the Benedictine monastery is an inspiration for history lovers. Waldstein Castle, Basilica of St. Prokopius, castle front, castle ice house, northern moat and herb garden. You can find it all in one place, enchanted by the spirit of ancient time intertwined with the unique beauty of the present ...

Jewish Quarter

As a reminder of the long and rich history of the Jewish community in Třebíč you will find a unique quarter, which is one of the best-preserved urbanistic ones in Europe. The Jewish Town has gained its look for centuries. Narrow streets, passages, strainer arches, verandas and balconies create a unique character of the area ...

Rear Synagogue and Seligmann Bauer House

The Rear Synagogue was built around 1669. The interior is decorated with paintings from the early 18th century, one of the most beautiful Baroque paintings in Moravia. In its neighbourhood, there is a house built before 1798, which, after extensive reconstruction, was converted into a Jewish Museum now known as Seligmann Bauer House.

Jewish Cemetery

One of the largest and best preserved Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003 as a part of the Jewish Quarter. It is located on the northern slope of the hill of Hrádek, where a zigzag road connects it with the Jewish Quarter.

Holocaust Traces in Třebíč

A number of small reminders of Třebíč victims of Holocaust can now be found in many places around the town. These include the stumbling stones (Stolpersteine).

Czech Jewish Experience

In Třebíč you do not just have to walk through the historic town, which offers visitors unique monuments inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, but you can also use the original experience packages.

Town Tower

The seventy-five-meter-high landmark of the historic centre, connected with the facade of St. Martin’s Church, is historically linked to the period of 1335, when Margrave Charles, later Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV, allowed Třebíč to follow the norm of urban law.

Water Tower Kostelíček in Třebíč

The reinforced concrete structure located above the town on Strážná hora near Kostelíček, at 480 m above sea level, began to be built in 1936.

Wind Mill

The windmill in Třebíč, also known as Větrník, was built by the industrialists František and Karel Budischowsky for the needs of their tanning plants in the local part of the town called Borovina. According to the original design, the mill was supposed to be wooden, but finally the building was made of stone and brick masonry.

Charles Square

Its area of 2.2 hectares makes it one of the largest squares in the Czech Republic. It is decorated with three renaissance houses, in the middle of the square there is the statue of St. Cyril and Methodius. The square serves as a place of markets, fairs and various folk festivals and cultural events.

Town Fortifications

In addition to the tower and ramparts, the defensive system of the town included forward fortifications at strategic elevated places.

Sacral Buildings

Basilica, monastery or church, chapel or little chapel ... When strolling through the town, you will see sacral buildings on every corner. Already the first settlement was established between 1101 and 1104 in the vicinity of the Benedictine monastery and the town grew in the 13th century under St. Martin’s Church.

Interwar architecture

The town of Třebíč is not only rich in historical monuments, but also in modern and architecturally significant buildings of the interwar period.